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Largo Keith Haring

A low-quality urban widening, used as bus stop between two adjacent squares: the Vittorio Emanuele’s square, which is next to the central station, and the Sant’Antonio parking square. Keith Haring himself painted there, on a secondary and simple building, one of his most famous masterpieces: “Tuttomondo”. The presence of the painting turned the square into a redefinition area: the aim is to relocate buses, to use it as a promenade, to put a glass to protect the painting and furthermore, a little bar opened in front of it. We finally achieved to obtain a unitary redefinition of the project, financed by the Haring Foundation in New York. In addition to that, protection glasses has been replaced in order to guarantee a better clearness, pews have been built for contemplation and the area outside the bar has been redesigned in order to leave more space to the mural painting. Finally, a path for blind people has been created to allow everyone to walk through the square. The widening, which is now a square and will be dedicated to the artist, has finally been enriched by a recreation ground, in a neighborhood which lacks in areas dedicated to children. A summary about the intervention has been given by the designer of the project  himself: “The art of Keith Haring’s mural painting, apart from activating a socialization process in the surrounding area, has led to a transformation, influencing and inspiring the choice of products and materials with its artistic steak”. 
Pisa, Italia
Year 2014
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