Play is fundamentally important during childhood and even more so when it goes hand-in-hand with learning. Modo bore this in mind when creating the Science Park, a place where the natural elements – air, water, sounds and noises - arouse the senses and stimulate learning about the natural laws. The Science Park is an intelligent way of furnishing public spaces, using characteristic, unique, coloured and uncoloured stainless steel elements, fascinating and designed to arouse the curiosity. Conceived to eliminate the concept of physical impediment, these elements can also be widely used by the differently abled. Interesting and captivating not just for children, but for adults as well, the Science Park is today the nearest thing possible to the concept of a fun open-air museum of science and technology. The various Science Park products have been selected from the ADI Permanent Observatory of Design Index, identifying the top products of Italian design competing for the Gold Compass Award. All the play equipment has been tested and approved by the Italian Institute for Toy Safety in compliance with UNI EN 1176. This approval is confirmed by application of the Sicurezza Controllata® mark.
The Amusement Park is a world of fantasy and colour, revolutionising the usual play park concept. A place where innovation meets design dedicated to satisfying the youngest users' need to play and have fun, while stimulating their imagination and guaranteeing their family peace of mind and safety. Socialising thus becomes an opportunity for having fun, thanks to the numerous games suitable for all ages and tastes.
The Nature Park is designed to satisfy a precise objective: to create a place where design merges into the natural context without modifying its beauty, providing creative stimuli to help visitors better appreciate its characteristics. The solution was to use products deriving from nature and therefore able to integrate perfectly with their surroundings to the point of blending in altogether. Natural products, designed with a precise educational function.
In public spaces, the boundary between outside and inside is becoming ever more intangible, one tends to be the natural continuation of the other in a quest for all-embracing harmony. Our idea of design is oriented towards eliminating boundaries, merging them with their surroundings to allow the natural harmony of the place to flow freely. In this ideal vision, fences will obviously continue to perform the necessary task of separating and defining spaces, but they will be designed to be pleasing to the eye, ensuring that the concept of public space becomes truly that. The space will be more alive and more liveable, creating a gratifying sense of freedom and improving interaction between individuals, and between those individuals and the space itself.
“History Park” products come from the “Games for History” design project. This project arose from the need to offer innovative, high-quality educational outdoor games for children that blend harmoniously with their surroundings, particularly in historic public and private gardens.
The basic idea was to let children conceive the design ideas using a laboratory to generate sensitive design areas and collect children’s ideas and perspectives which would act as the design brief.
After two years of work in schools, several professional designers used the children’s material as a starting point to prepare 30 original concepts for outdoor games.
The “Games for History” design ideas are the result of a research process and close dialogue between Design and Pedagogy. This dialogue has generated a new line of high-quality outdoor games with an educational element and clear empathy with the surrounding environment, both in terms of the material and formal choices.
An inclusive game is a game designed to make everyone happy.
Inclusive is an important word summing up an intelligent way of conceiving, designing and constructing a game. It principally means the freedom to play, a freedom which must be accessible to everyone. Modo designs inclusive play parks: areas with games and equipment, without architectural or sensory barriers, with individual games or entire spaces where even children with disabilities or impaired mobility can play safely together with other children.
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