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SU-PER-GIU’ is a dynamic game, a swivelling seesaw requiring four participants. Each child has to take into account what the other three are doing. The idea is to encourage relation with others because all the children can have fun only by finding an equilibrium/disequilibrium in “agreement” with the others. Built using galvanised steel with a system of ropes and knots to hang from.
Design: Alberto Meda
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Technical specifications
Height above ground level: 225 - 275 cm
Depth: 330 cm
Lenght: 330 cm
Weight: 180 kg
Security area: 68 mq
Fall height: 170 cm
Recommended age
Fixing system
Cast in place
N°1 plinth 150x150x100 cm 5625 kg
Galvanised and coated steel
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