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Casetta Virginia

Casetta Virginia is a frame that children can climb over. It is the three-dimensional realisation of an actual drawing clearly drawn by a child’s uncertain, but expressive, hand. It shows an imagination able to represent the whole structure in just a few lines. The innovative characteristic of this project is this play on “children’s aesthetics” and not “aesthetics for children”. The frame is made of round solid steel profile with a diameter of 24mm.
Design: Donata Paruccini
All images and materials are copyright protected and property of modo® srl. Unauthorized use, share and/or duplication of these images and materials without permission is prohibited. Final result, dimensions, or finishing may be different from the original to preserve quality and design of the project.
Technical specifications
Height above ground level: 165 cm
Depth: 144 cm
Lenght: 150 cm
Weight: 130 kg
Security area: 25 mq
Fall height: 165 cm
Recommended age
Fixing system
Base plate anchored with bolts into sunken foundation
N°4 plinths 40x40x40 cm 640 kg
Galvanised and coated steel
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